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Office Hours and Registration

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM and

Fridays 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Registration Hours: (Anytime during these hours, take an assessment test used for placing students in ESL, Basic Ed, GED, HiSET and Diploma classes. No appointment needed.)

Monday and Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Monday and Thursday: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Prices and class schedule are subject to change without notice. Textbook fees are not included in course fees. 

No refunds are granted for any classes unless the class is canceled!

Mission Statement


The mission of the Vallejo Regional Education Center is to provide quality education and preparation for the diverse citizens of the greater Vallejo community so that all may actively participate in the family, the community, the workplace, and the electoral process. In an effort to promote and provide life-long learning, we offer a broad based curriculum to assist students in the development of basic skills, job preparation, personal enrichment, academic knowledge, intellectual growth and citizenship.


Regional Education Center Code of Conduct

Each student at this school comes to achieve particular life goals. The intent of this Code of Conduct is to support all students in achieving their goals as quickly as possible.

Respect for People

  • Students and staff demonstrate respect for one another. We listen to each other and cooperate.
  • Profanity and loud outbursts diminish the tone of respect and distract from the business of learning. We conduct ourselves so that everyone on campus feels safe.
  • Only school staff and enrolled students are on campus except for school business. No guests sit in on classes. This promotes safety for all.

Respect for Property

  • We clean up any mess we make on or near campus, leaving things in order for those who come after us.
  • No food or drink at any computer station. Eating and drinking are permitted in classrooms only with explicit consent from the teacher.
  • We report any damage to school property and any unsafe conditions we notice.

Focus on Learning Goals

What are your goals for enrolling in classes at VREC? What actions advance you toward your goals? What distracts you? What actions of yours might distract others?

  • Phones: Personal electronic devices distract you and others from learning. Turn off your phone and put it away while in class unless you have a special circumstance (e.g., a sick child needs to reach you).
  • Earbuds: Listening to music almost always slows learning. Brain research has clearly proven this.
  • Talking: Conversations in class take place at agreed-upon times and focus primarily on the subject of study.
  • Attendance: We attend regularly (90%) and we stay in class unless we have a pressing need. We take care of the pressing need and return to class promptly, or we leave campus to address the pressing need. We attend class because it helps us reach our goals.
  • Controlled Substances: By law, VREC is a drug- and tobacco-free campus. Smokers must be off campus before lighting up. Coming to class under the influence is not permitted; it does not help you learn. Signs of use (appearance, behavior, odor) often distract others from learning. We ask students showing signs of having used alcohol or drugs, including marijuana, to leave campus.
  • Clothing: Sagging pants and immodest clothing can distract others. We hitch up the pants and cover up the torso while on campus.

Earning Credits Toward a Diploma

Students can earn five credits toward a high school diploma by successfully completing a 60-hour course. Students may earn partial credit for partial completion of a course (1 credit for 12 hours). (No partial credit for Aventa online courses.)

Academic Integrity

We do our own work; we don’t do work for others to claim as their own.


Students unable to comply with this Code of Conduct may be instructed to leave campus for the day, for the balance of the term, or for longer. A student who returns to school after a forced separation from school may be required to enter into a behavior contract.