Class of 2018

Kamaria Bell-Blackman

I came to the Vallejo Regional Education Center (VREC) because I wanted to get away from my old school. There was too many distractions and I was starting to fail classes. I wasn’t able to handle it. And then I heard about VREC and I thought why not check it out! As soon as I starting going to this school I felt more at ease, more peaceful and became more productive...

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Candy Contreras

I grew up with the thought that it was not possible for me to graduate high school. I struggled a lot with self doubt, and negative thoughts that would tell me I am not smart enough to graduate. There was a moment when even my own father told my family that I was not going to graduate. These comments and personal critics worked as chains that held me down and kept me from reaching what my heart desired, an education...

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Frankie Pontiflet

I would like to give a special thank you to the amazing, hard working staff that always encouraged us to reach this point of success; all teachers, office personnel, and our counselor, Mr. Lapez. Their constant reassurance, patience and guidance has allowed us to believe in, and achieve something greater than ourselves, and because of that, we are here today. However it was up to us to take the initiative to remain persistent throughout this journey…

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