English as a Second Language



Courses are offered that meet the needs of non-English speaking students.  Each student is evaluated and placed in classes according to their speaking ability and needs. 


Registration is free.


ESL -     Beginning Literacy          Intermediate Low             

              Beginning Low                Intermediate High    

              Beginning High               Vocational ESL- Computers for English Language Learners


These courses focus on developing speaking, reading, and writing English skills for non-English speaking students.  Language Skills are instructed using curriculum which teaches living skills and prepares students to become responsible community members, participating family members, and functional life-long learners.







La escuela "Regional Education Center" (Adult School) ofrece clases de Inglés como Segundo idioma, ciudadanía y clases de cómputo.  Aprendiendo Inglés ud. puede conseguir un trabajo, obtener una promoción de trabajo y poder ayudar a sus hijos con las tareas para que tengan éxito en la escuela.  Tenemos clases por la mañana y por la noche. 


Principante- Intermedio- Avanzado


Lunes a Jueves                9:00 am- 12:15 pm

Lunes a Jueves                6:00 pm- 9:15 pm


Registración es gratis.


Ofrecemos cuidado de niños.  El costo es $3.00 por día por niño/a.    Regístrece con tiempo.


Improve your conversation, grammar, reading, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary.  Learn to use English to get a job, advance at work,  participate and communicate in the community and be able to help your children with school work.  We offer morning and night classes.


Child care provided for biological children for students attending classes.  Cost per child is $3.00 per child per class.  Only children 10 years old or younger are permitted.  Birth certificate and vaccination records are required on the first day of school.




This course is for students who want to learn the English vocabulary and information necessary to prepare for the citizenship examination and process.  Students need to speak, read and write intermediate level English to participate in Citizenship Center classes.  


Class Schedule


Tuesday and Thursday   6pm- 9:15 pm


Registration is free.